Hello ladys and gentleman, my hub is back! This time i hope someone notices its existance. The new version isnt really a version expect of a few big changes :P.

Now i only take the requests i want to do, and im not gonna do them for a surtain user. Theyre gonna come to the blog and you can deside what im gonna do next. The special edition cube dudes was a surtain failure so i say you can order those stands and flags or enything you want in your request. I wont be able to do all of them or even want to do ( examples : Lenin, Slenderman, Xenomorph) or some are imposible to do in cube dude form. Thats it for the info, if you want me to do a cube dude of yourshelf or a character of somesort (Fictional and real life both allowed) just request :).

POLL´s ____________________________________________________________________________________

what do you think of cube dudes

The poll was created at 05:49 on March 20, 2013, and so far 4 people voted.

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