Hello! Im Korppufin and i havent done enything so important here in a long time, the last time was the cube dude hub where you could request for cube dudes. But this time i desided to do the same thing but Cube dudes are not the main focus! Here you can request for a MOC set! The amount of MOCs i do is decreased so the quality of the MOC stays high and i dont get too exorsted, that means only the best ideas get done but now im not gonna limit your requests, so you can ask like 3 requests in 1 comment and maybe 1 gets done :). And where talking about whole sets here so dont go nuts and ask something like the death star minifig sized, be realistic and also think am i able to make it a set.

Rules for requesting

No limit of requests in 1 comment but be realistic with the sizes and requierments of the sets. When you request dont ask for just figs, this is a MOC set blog.

You can ask or cube dudes but mainly not the main focus so try to keep as a secondary thing,

Tell me what YOU want.


Becouse if the Bacon Argument that some people BROUGHT TO THIS BLOG! I have to do this

Awesomeknight1234_Cant_get_requests_in: Untill.1.9.2013

MOCs done so far

Heres a coupple examples of the quality, if you dont like, dont request(theyre both tanks ;) )

Chibi tank
Space Tank
Gordon Freeman remade

This is a remade cube dude of my first cube dude, Gordon Freeman.

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