What's Going On

LEGO Jurassic World is coming out in less than a month by now and we just got a third trailer.  According to a video I saw by GameUnboxingReviews, every dinosaur in the trailer has been confirmed playable.  Yes, I know that it was already confirmed awhile ago that you can control the dinosaurs, but it was also confirmed awhile ago that there would only be 20 playable dinosaurs...Now, YES, that sounds great, but it already seems like there's way more (as usual, LEGO did technically say that there's over 20 playable dinosaurs, but I'm saying more than more than if you know what I mean).   Why you might ask...?


We've seen a dark brown, orange, and greenish T-Rex and a brown, green, and beige Velociraptor based on the two trailers.  If every single one really is playable, then that's six right there!  My guess is that they will choose one variant, and then you will be able to change its design in the customizer.  But they might give us yet another surprise... we'll see...

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