Main Idea

It has come to the attention of admins here on Brickipedia that several articles have content that doesn't belong on this wiki, and rather some other wiki. Please keep in mind that everything on an article should be LEGO related only unless you're writing the background (depending on the theme the minifigures is in).

How To Properly Edit


There are many articles with the beginning of the page having a quote from the character. These are only to be quotes said from the LEGO world (video games, movies, TV shows). Make sure to check the source of the quote.


The next thing that comes on an article is the background section. These do not have to be too long, because if so, they will most likely drift away from relevant, LEGO related information. This is the only section where not 100% of the information is LEGO related, but try your best to make it.


Finally, there's the notes section. Notes are only to note an interesting fact about something that is only having to do with LEGO. Make sure not to mention any unneeded information.


Overall, this wiki is the official LEGO wiki. It is not to have other useless information. If so, it will weaken the quality of an article, and the wiki as a whole.

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