Hello everyone!

As a squeal to the LEGO Quiz challenge, I have created my very own LEGO Racers quiz for you all to try. Please read the rules before starting:

•You must attempt every question

•You must submit your answers on my talk page

Good luck! :)

1. In what year was LEGO Racers first released?

2. Who was LEGO Racers developed by?

3. Who was LEGO Racers published by?

4. Who is Rocket Racer's biggest friend?

5. Which LEGO Space theme appears in the game?

6. Which LEGO theme does Rob-N-Hood represent the most?

7. What is Captain Redbeard's favorite power up?

8. Who is this Character:

Basil B.

9. What colour is Ann Droid's car?

10. What is the sequel to LEGO Racers?

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