Hello everyone!

I have decided to make a new improved LEGO Racers quiz because personally, I thought the questions were just too easy, so I have now made the questions harder.

Please read the rules before starting:

You must attempt EVERY question

You must give sensible answers

You must submit your answers on MY Talk page.

Good luck! :)

1. How many red bricks are there on Mega Moon Marathon?

2. Who is this character:

Gypsy Moth-LR1

3. What is the name of the powerup when combining one green brick with 2 white bricks?

Multiple Choice Questions:

4. Who shares the same car design as Ann Droid?

a) Rob-N-Hood

b) Willa the Witch

c) Sam Sinister

5. Which of the following tracks has shortcuts:

a) Dark Forest Dash

b) Pirate Skull Pass

c) Test Track

6. Which of the following characters does NOT appear in LEGO Racers:

a) Baron Von Barron

b) Nova Hunter

c) Mr X

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