Hello everyone!

For years now, I've been collecting classic LEGO games. The ones I own are:

•LEGO Racers

•LEGO Racers 2

•LEGO Island

•LEGO Island 2

•LEGO Stunt Rally

•LEGO Alpha Team

•LEGO Rock Raiders


•LEGO Creator: Harry Potter

•LEGO Creator: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

•LEGO Drome Racers


I also enjoy modding these games, particularly LEGO Racers and LEGO Racers 2. You can see some of my LEGO Racers mods here:

I absolutely adore classic LEGO games. Personally, I've never been a great fan of the newer licensed LEGO games, like LEGO Indiana Jones and LEGO Star wars. One of the good things about the classics was they weren't repetitive like the new ones.

One of the main reasons why I've written this is because I want to know what LEGO games YOU own, and also what YOUR opinions are on them. Please feel free to reply!

Thank you!!!!

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