In case you haven't heard read, more Ninjago 2014 images were leaked today. (Might wanna check out this blog.)

70720 Air Breaks

70720 1
Meh, seems like a pretty mediocre set to me. The only pieces that stand out to me are that green thing on the end of Cole's staff and Cole's hair, as I absolutely love that piece. XP

70724 NinjaCopter

70724 1

For some reason, I feel as if this set too similar to The Rattlecopter, even though it's probably not. It's probably just the structure that makes me think that... The minifigs are okay, I don't really like the use of the Cavewoman's hair in this set, though.

70725 Nindroid MechDragon

70725 2
This set is probably the best of the three. The minifigs are great, especially Wu. He's finally evil. :D I'm not really surprised at Garmadon being good, as he already did turn good before these images leaked...


Those were my thoughts on the newest leaks of Ninjago 2014. Overall, the sets and minifigs were pretty mediocre, except for the MechDragon. baiiiii


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