My contest for this month is to make the Coolest Looking Ninja. It can be Sci-Fi, Japanese, you can theme it after anything. It can be any size, Brick-Built, Minifigure, Mini, Mega.

Ends May 30th, Judging Begins May 31.

Sleeping Ninja


1st Place

Gold Ninja
Gold Ninja
LSCStealthNinja has awarded you with a Gold Ninja. Made of Gold, this Ninja is worth $1,000,000,000, so put it in your safe, because I might want it back. :D

2nd Place

Silver Shuriken
LSCStealthNinja has awarded you with a Silver Shuriken. Made of Silver, this Shuriken is extremely sharp, so even when I'm holdin-- Ouch! So even when I'm holding it, it cut-- Ow! Yeah, uh, ok, I'm just gonna put that on the floor.

3rd Place

Bronze Katana
LSCStealthNinja has awarded you with a Bronze Katana. Very bright, even looking at it can cause you-- I can't see! Somebody Help! Help-- (Static) We are currently experiencing technical difficulties. Please stand by.


Certificate of Participation
You Participated! LSCStealthNinja has awarded you with a Certificate of Participation. Thanks for participating in my contest!

All Users who enter and Create a Model will be given a Participant Award.


  • You can add scenery if you like, however, don't make it too large, remember, this is about the Ninja, not the scenery
  • No Piece Limit
  • No Size Limit
  • One Entry only, please
  • Can be built in LDD or in Real Life
  • A Short Story/Background Would Be Nice

If you have any questions, put them below.

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