I have an issue with this wiki, sort of. It seems to be filled with too much basic information and stuff from video games, and knows nothing of the story behind systems. Example being the Martians. All their bioses are only info from Lego Racers 2. That was just something they were featured in, their actual story in the old blogs on the Lego site gave a lot of detail and story to LoM, none of which is here. I feel that a lot of this site is young or immature members who don't know much about Lego, hence why many pages of stuff from before 2003 is a mess, with no sense of the actual facts (like saying Slyboots was "accidentally" called Sam Sinister in LR and ignoring that that used to be his real name). I want to try to fix all of this, but there's so many articles and I don't even know where to begin. Anyone got help or advice? Thanks.

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