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  • Larsyuipo

    hey guys

    so brickheroes just posted a new polybag from the special minifig you get with a pre-order from marvel superheroes the video game! its iron patriot that we saw on the posters!

    so what do you think of the minifig?


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  • Larsyuipo

    Hey guys!

    marvel just realeased a teaser trailer from the new marvel superheroes the video game

    also gamestop realeased that we are getting a spiderman keychain by pre-ordering the game. its the same one as the one in the lego store.

    i think we must get an exclusive minifig... the dc line also has one special lex luthor and clark kent

    what are your thoughs about the teaser pre-order bonus and the voice from tony stark??


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