Yes!I have created another Blog Post! Read the whole thing before exiting I need help. Ok. Well anyways, I made a custom article which you can see here:

The story for theme is that to fight crime on Brickipedia, we turn into awesome penguins. I have already made a single set with Me and Czech. I need more people to penguinize.

To penguinize yourself, tell me or create it yourself. The standards for creating it yourself will be you have to have a weapon or accessory and a hat or helmet*. If you want me to do it, give me what you want for your accessory and hat. Example: "I want a cowboy hat and a spear".

I am still working on the penguins and have not gotten very good at them. I would appreciate if someone had any ideas on how to fix them or make them better. Tips like that would be very nice! I also need ideas for more sets in the theme. I can't just have penguins! I think I want to have a penguinizer machine... Maybe a vandalism attack... Yeah.

-LazerzSoH --- Destroy, Destroy, Exterminate!

  • For people like Knight, who need helmets.

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