Ok, long speech time! So I was thinking that this wiki must have started super small. No users. So the mod voting must have been really different. With only 1 or 2 users to vote. But now, we have tons and tons of users who have helped considerably! So I guess this blog post is a post to tell people I appreciate them for making the wiki the way it is today... Join in in the comments!

  • Clone, you are such an amazing person and a great friend! Also, the wiki would no be the same without all your countless edits.
  • Dataman1, for helping me get new awesome user boxes.
  • Cligra for helping me kill off Ebil.
  • Czech for helping me become a ton, yes a ton, better as a user on Brickipedia.
  • Knight for keeping me sane on my first day here.

Thanks for everyone for making me a happy user here on Brickipedia. Make sure to tell someone you appreciate them in the comments.

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