So, as you may of read.. or seen, I was apparently leaving, and hated Brickipedia. Lies! All Lies I tell you!!

Ok, so I'm not really leaving Brickipedia.. and my line in the shoutbox:

  • [10:53] <Lcawte> Hope your All HAppy?! Ajr Forgod sake Darn J00

There was a code hidden in that, lets give you the answer, HAHA April Fools Day Joke. The code was the capitals, and to through you off more, the last 4 letters were an abbreviation.

Also, something else you may have spotted. HonkingRedPanda, yeah, well that was me.. just incase I really needed to edit or revert some vandalism.

Other Things

An April Fools Day Roundup
  • Main page. April Fools Day Joke, so apparently, we are a wiki all about MEGA Blok's.. Clicking any of the links for the Featured Article or anything, would take you to an image splash page..
  • Skin, For the mega blok's joke, the LEGO branding on the stub background was changed to resemble MEGA Blok's
  • IRC Topic, to go along with these jokes, the IRC topic and other things were changed to fit the main page and various other things.
  • Fake BOTM nomination using {{USERNAME}} javascript trick. Haha <insert name here>.

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