Ok, lets start, so the cabal that LEGO Lord created, you guys are really starting to get on my nerves, as quoted from whoever, we can't get anything done while you and your cabal are here.

Ok, now, my views on foul language. I don't mind bits of it being used, in moderation, in all non-mainspace pages/community discussion pages (blogs, forums, user*, talk)... ok, if your editing Brickipedia with an account, your 13 or older, and if your viewing Brickipedia and your younger, you should be supervised, or not be on the internet unrestricted. This is the internet people. If your on unrestricted internet, your going to see swearing or whatever! And if your under 13, you really shouldn't be unsupervised unless you can deal with it. I've been using the internet unsupervised since I was in Reception (like Kindergarten or whatever?)... yeah. If your a viewer, you shouldn't have much interest in the non mainspace pages anyway, so you shouldn't see swearing anyway. If you don't like swearing or whatever, get off the internet now.

Yes, I know its a horribly put together blog, usually I'm better than this, but this is just a rant. And also, I've turned off comments for a reason, I will not respond to any responses you leave on my talk page, IRC or whatever about this. If you like this, use the poll below:

Do you like or agree with this blog?

The poll was created at 18:16 on April 19, 2011, and so far 34 people voted.

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