So I've noticed, we dont seem to pick up many new faces to our community that stick around for too long. Now in this experiment, were are going to see who thinks who is the scariest, and what user group gets the most votes. My prediction is that the Administrators, though probally being the most feared, will not get as many votes, as people feel over powered and at risk from them.

Anyone is welcome to be a test subject, but must submit:

  1. Who they would put if it was an anon ballet.
  2. Who they would put if it was a named ballet, like this is.

To submit area number 1: Please join the IRC and look for Lcawte (Common nicknames: Lcawte, WebCoder11, HonkingRedPanda) and type: /msg <my nickname> Ballet: <user your nominating.> I will not share these results except for the total count, which will not include me. #2 you put here.

You may nominate me, I dont bite, and I wont get offended.

Note: If you do get nominated, please dont be offended, people may say they are scared of you, here, they may not mean it, or if they do it in the private ballet, they may not be scared of anyone, just if they were the most likely person would be.

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