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    January 27, 2014 by Lego-dark-knight0518

    As some of you may have heard, on February 1st, 2014, Brickimedia will re-launch. This means that most of the users here will migrate from here, to there. I, however, will not be one of them. I refuse. I will stay here, on Brickipedia. "My second home" as my brother says.

    To all of the users that wish to no longer be a part of this wiki, I say goodbye. Not a goodbye from me, but a goodbye to you. To those that wish to stay, I say thank you, and that I hope that we can make this wiki the best it can be.

    I never thought that I could be attached to something so emotionally like a wiki. And if it were to "go somewhere" because Brickimedia overpowered it, than I will go with it. Like a Captain on a sinking ship. Except I am not the Captain, but s…

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  • Lego-dark-knight0518

    Hey guys. I'm sure by now someone has acknowledged my X-Men sets, and know that I have two waves of sets. Well, I would love to make a third wave. However, I am completely clueless as to what I will do for sets. So I am asking you, yes you , for help.

    By help I mean suggestions. Please leave a suggestion in the comments. Include the minifigures and description of the set if you want (I'd prefer that). So yeah. I don't know how to end this...


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  • Lego-dark-knight0518

    Okay, I've been thinking about this for a long time, (like when I first started editing), and I think that they should re-introduce the Pirates theme. I've loved pirates since I was a young boy, and I never got any of the sets before the theme was discontinued. I mean, I would buy them off eBay, but the ridiculous pricing, the shipping, the walking to the mailbox everyday just to find out that it didn't arrive yet, and repeating the cycle over and over and over, until finally you realize: it was at the Post Office all along, waiting for you to come pick it up; it's just too much...

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that LEGO re-did the Castle theme by releasing Castle (2013), so, why not do the same for the Pirates, but in 2014?

    Does anyone else f…

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  • Lego-dark-knight0518

    Okay I'm starting to wonder if I should or should not make sig-figs. I have the parts and minifigures to do it. I'm just not sure if anyone would want me do them for them, because of everyone else doing them. But maybe I can do it. Like, competition. A new business company going against an already famous, strong, well known company. I might have a small chance. What am I talking about? Ugh, just vote.

    Question is:

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  • Lego-dark-knight0518

    Okay guys, girls, and animals everywhere, Brickset has released names of sets that we all will see in 2014. The sets belong to the themes Legends of Chima, Mixels, Creator, The LEGO Movie, Star Wars, and my personal favorite, Super Heroes!

    Jump on over to the site to see the set names themselves. Most of them we've already heard of, except for the Legends of Chima sets. Bats! Scorpions! Spiders! Oh my!

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