First, news for Collectable minifig fans: Well informed Eurobricks member Klaus-Dieter reports that the Collectable minifigs Series 12 will only consist of minifigs featured in The LEGO Movie. It will contain 16, at the usual price.

He also saw a list for the upcoming 2014 City and Friends sets for the first half of the year (after the break...)


Police theme

  • Break-Out of the Police Station (~100€)
  • Break-Out of the Prison Transporter
  • Bandit’s Hiding Place (~50€)
  • Police Motorcycle Chase
  • Police Helicopter Chase (~50€)
  • Police Boat Transporter (~40€)
  • Mobile Police Unit (~30€)

Great Vehicles theme

  • Camper with Canoe
  • Jeep with Jetski
  • Wood Transporter
  • Car Transporter
  • Racing Car
  • Monster Truck
  • Repair Car
  • Tow Truck


  • Mission at the Beach
  • Beach and Smoothie Bar
  • Beach House

(Please note that this list is not confirmed, does not contain official set names and is not meant to be complete.)


  • Imperial Star Destroyer
  • X-Wing
  • Kashyyk Trooper
  • DS Trooper
  • General Grievous Bike
  • Vulture Droid (or Planet set)
  • V-Wing (or planet set)
  • AT-AP
  • Droid Gunship
  • Republic AV-
  • Battle of Seludca


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