aka Nexus Q. Rubicon Stormer

  • I was born on June 13
  • My occupation is MOCing, student
  • I am someone who overuses :P emotes! :P:P:P:P
  • Lego613master


    June 16, 2012 by Lego613master

    Couple of things, not that anybody READS this, but anyways. 1. I am on My Lego Network (lego613master)

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  • Lego613master

    Hello, people!

    May 7, 2012 by Lego613master

    Hi! One thing: if you know me on the Ninjago message boards or if you are also known as fastcar700 (Takava) or samed5 (Jake Powersword) or AwesomePythor (Schatten) or mariothepurpleninja (Mario) or cppa (helryx) or skro25 (Jack) or bluefire407 (Slick) or you know me from Ninjago: Season 100 or 101, please reply. Your very own Nexus Q. Stormer, over and out.

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  • Lego613master

    Hello. I am still getting used to the wiki thing. Note: I am known on the Lego Message Boards as Nexus Q. Stormer.

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