LEGO DC UNIVERSE Okay guys, I am pumped for the new DC Universe minifigures in 2013. IM SO PUMPED!!! *smashes chair* LETS DO THIS!!! nah Im jk, but they look amazing. Especially Mr.Freeze and Bane. I really wish his mask was a head piece and not printed though. Anyway, can someone tell me if Monster Fighters will return in 2013? I love that theme. Very original. (Though it has some of its base from Studios) Anyway, have fun building brick fans!

MINECRAFT hey guys,you know the Minecraft Micro World Set? Is it actually getting restocked in October? I really wanted one but never got the chance to get it, and when I read that, i wanted to know if it was true. I have been a Minecraft fan for a year and loved it at first sight!

LEGENDS OF CHIMA Ok guys, This Legends of Chima thing, I'm not gonna lie, looks pretty awesome It sort of looks like Wolf people VS Lion/cat/whatever people, but I could be wrong. Looking at the leaked photos, however, does indeed scream NINJAGOOOOO, seeing as if there is a vehicle game to it, which I know there is. Long story short, I will get one for sure!

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