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  • I live in Oz!
  • I was born on November 11
  • My occupation is Uh...being a random person on the internet
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  • Lego Ninja Turtle

    Okay, hey everyone! LNT here and I have a question for y'all.

    I am speaking directely to the LEGO Indiana Jones fans when I ask this, but, do you think LEGO Indiana Jones will ever come back? It has been nagging me like crazy and I have been asking this all around the Indy message boards on (I'm known as The_Lego_Lady there, by the way) and I figured asking it here is a pretty good idea.

    Me? I never got to get all the sets/minifigures I wanted and that crushes my heart. Not sure why but recently I have fallen more deeply in love with the Indiana Jones saga than I was when I discovered it when The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull came out (wasn't born for the Original Trilogy) and it has made me miss LEGO Indy and regret not being more …

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  • Lego Ninja Turtle
    Hey, everyone! I'm new, so I doubt you know me...But hi anyway! I suppose I should tell everyone a bit about myself. I am, the one, the ONLY Lego Ninja Turtle! Thank you, thank you. My favorite type of LEGOs would have to be Harry Potter, I LOVE Harry Potter, SO much! I'm a real expert. I also just love LEGO period. My favorite color is purple. Wow, nothing else I can think if that is important. If anyone has any special questions, you know where I am! LNT-out.
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