Wikipedia, Wookieepedia, and Brickipedia never believed me when I was an unregistered contributor, but now I got a picture for proof. In LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy for Windows PC, Jabba can be found behind his bar, however my console has many glitches, such as passing through walls and then falling through the floor behind that wall. One time my brother happened to tag someone who was passing through a wall within Jabba's room, we managed to get behind Jabba the Hutt's bar and tag him. Jabba the Hutt can pass through walls. He has no character portrait and he is listed as "?" for no given reason. Sometimes he randomly starts jumping forward in a straight position for no real good reason. By making Jabba the Hutt an AI character, leaving and then returning to the Bounty Hunter mission room will duplicate another Jabba. One time I managed to duplicate three Jabbas, one time even four. Jabba can also be brought into levels, were he can not pass through walls. But when played in a level and tagged to a different character, he will no longer be on the tagging list. When he gets run over by a vehicle, there is no way for him to get up. I looked all over the internet and I AM THE ONLY PERSON THAT HAS PLAYED AS JABBA THE HUTT.

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