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This blog has a random amount of ideas of diferent sets from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

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This would be a very large set that would probobly be separated from a wave, It is based upon the Final Battle sequences in The Return of The King, of Sauron's fortress Mordor

Price Range: $150 - $200

Minifigures: Frodo Baggins(Overalls), Sam Gamgee(Without Backpack), Gollum, Orcs(X2), Uruk-Hai*,

            Armoured Troll*, Aragorn, Gandalf the White, The Great Eye

Structures: Mount Doom Volcano, The Black Gate, Sauron's Tower

Special Pieces:The Eye of Sauron should be a new piece that may have a light brick behind it, Gandalf's Staff

Special Features: "Breaking" Mount Doom bridge, falling lava rocks, opening gate feature, "collapsing"

                 tower feature

Minas Tirith (Gondor)

This would be a large set that is based upon the Gondor Castle seige sequences in The Return of The King

Price Range: $90 - $120

Minifigures: Pippin Took (Armor), Gandalf the White, Steward Denethor*, Gondorian Soldier(X2), Orc(X2)

Structures: Minas Tirith Castle, Orc Catapault

Special Pieces: Gandalf's Staff, Denethor's Hairpiece*

Special Features: Opening/Closing Gate, Working Catapaults, Collapsing Castle parts

Grond (Orc Battering Ram)

This would be a medium sized set that is based upon the sequence in The Return of The King were the Orc Battering Ram drove through Minas Tirith's gate

Price Range: $40 - $60

Minifigures: General Gothmog, Orc(X2), Gondorian Soldier*

Structures: Grond

Special Pieces: Grond Head Ram

Special Features: Working Battering Ram, flick launching spears

Special Creatures: Grond Driver Rhinos*

Orc Seige Tower

This would be a mid-sized set that is based upon the sequence in The Return of The King were the Orcs attacked Minas Tirith in the large Moving Seige Towers drove by Trolls(Olag-Hai)

Price Range: $20 - $30

Minifigures: Orc(X2), Uruk*, Troll(Olag-Hai)

Structures: Seige Tower

Special Features: Working Plank

Rivendell (The House of Elrond)

This would be a unknown sized set that is based upon the sequences in The Fellowship of the Ring

Price Range: ?

Minifigures: Arwen, Frodo, Elrond, Gimli, Aragorn

Rooms: Narsil's holding place with Sauron battle painting, Elrond's chairroom, bedroom, library

Special Pieces: Elrond's Hair

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