aka LBE

  • I live in 45 minutes away from one of the five oceans... Your guess is as good as mine!
  • I was born on June 24
  • My occupation is Soccer, cinema, and exploring!
  • I am Male
  • Legobrickelijah

    Hello! :)

    April 25, 2013 by Legobrickelijah

    Hi! I am from the MB wiki, since we are soon moving in with you guys, I thought I'd introduce myself! I am Legobrickelijah, (better known as LBE) and I have been a wiki member since September, or August or something. I love Mexican food, and am friends with everyone who wants to be friends with me. I am a huge LOTR and Star Wars fan as well. I am glad my home wiki is moving so we will all be able to make some new friends! :)I hope I can meet more people on this wiki in the weeks to come. Cya around! -LBE

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