I hope this doesn't sound egotistic, but i decided that since about three customizers have said they would make a minifigure of me, I figured why don't they enter them in a contest. Maybe some other customizers (specifically BerryBrick) will enter too.

I will come up with some awards as soon as I figure out how >:(. Here are some characteristics of my personality and appearance.

  • I am an absolute HUGE fan of disney. A homage to that would be nice.
  • I have brown hair and lightly tanned skin.
  • I enjoy drawing and sculpting.
  • I am pretty tall for my age (in between 5 foot 9 and 6 feet).
  • I am slightly overweight (Though I kind of regret publising this:( :P)

All right, here you go these are some interesting characteristics about myself.

The minifigure can be Purist or LDD. The winner is whoever makes the most accurate/flattering minifigure.

I hope people don't get some mad at me for doing this. I just thought this would kind of make sense. Maybe it will start a trend? Please don't call me egotistical or anything like that. I don't like being yelled at.

Legoindy7734 out, PEACE! :P

(I might end all my blos with thst now, what do you think?)

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