It seems that the lego super heroes set, 6857, The Dynamic Duo Funhouse Escape, is very rare to find in the UK because it is very popular because of the minifigures it comes with. Because of the minifigures, the set has even sold out from!Some shops still have a few, like, toys R us and some others, but its a bit annoying that if you realy wan`t this set, you have to pay round about £69.99 for this set on ebay!!! On amazon they don`t sell it and they have said nothing about the set on argos yet, but I think thats because the new catologue is NOT yet out, but they have already added the new lego ninjago and lego friends theme to the catolouge. It also seems that the set is going realy fast because most people missed out on the lego batman and lego spider-man themes, so now, they have money ready to chuck at the set and get a batman minifigure, a robin minifigure, a the joker minifigure, a harley quin minifigure and a riddler figure. Also, set has so much to do, that little kids wan`t this set more than anything! Plus the set comes with an extra riddler head and hat. There is also a small comic book and a brick separator. Its has simply sold out in most shops in the UK because its AWESOME!!! Thanks for reading, and next time, hopfully I will have the set!

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