Star Wars roleplay


  • Jedi
  • Sith
  • Bounty hunter
  • Assassin
  • Droid


  • Users can get hurt and jailed but no death,unless you are the creator. Or create a minor character and that can die.
  • Players can not escape the prison. If you get a Key from an admin, you're free.
  • No indestructible weapons, even treasures and relics can be destroyed.
  • Please, no Doctor Who.
  • Do not beg for Roleplay Adminship.
  • Do not base or create anything off this blog.
  • Do not mention or use anything outside of the Star Wars Universe.


Information is given, so that the user understands what he/she should do before starting.

  • A player must introduce himself through a blog comment here before proceeding into areas (which are blogs too)

How you should give info on your character:

  • Name (Your username):
  • Weapons:
  • Armor (Optional):
  • Clothing:
  • Personality (Optional):
  • Faction:
  • Home:
  • Race:
  • Power(s):

RP admins

  1. Legoman27
  2. Brick Lord
  3. jeksith337
  4. Gopher dude 11
  5. The lego mind

The first seven people to join will be roleplay admins if they want.

Please keep in mind that YOU HAVE TO BE FRIENDLY.

  • Do not be mean to other players or you will be kicked from the star wars roleplay.

Star wars Roleplay

Star Wars Roleplay



  • Name: Jedi Master Paul
  • Weapon: Light saber
  • Armor: Jedi Robe
  • Clothing: Jedi Robe
  • Personality: Smart, Wise and Courageous
  • Faction: Jedi
  • Home: Courasant
  • Race: Human
  • Power: The force

Brick Lord

  • Name: Jedi master billy bob
  • Weapon: Light saber and rocket launcher
  • Armor: Jedi robe
  • Clothing: brown Jedi robe
  • Personality: Wise and sometimes funny likes scaring padawans
  • Faction: Jedi
  • Home: Geonosis
  • Race: Human
  • Power: El force


  • Name: Daniel Redmond
  • Weapon: Forbadence (Green Lightsaber
  • Clothing: Red Shirt with Maroon sleeves, brown pants, Lava-proof shoes
  • Personality: Young, Wild(younger), Mature, Calm (Older)
  • Faction: Jedi
  • Home: Mustafar
  • Race: Human/ Mandalorian
  • Power: Force, lifting multiple objects with force in one hand, detecting Sith-Jedi murders

The lego mind

  • Name: Adam Nguyen (Asian) * Weapon: Lightsaber and blaster * Clothing: red shirt with a black jacket and black pants. * Personality: Dangerous, helpful. * Faction: Assasin (Working with Jedi)
  • Home: Lol. Earth. Hahah
  • Race: ASIAN HUMAN!!
  • Powers: Ultimate reflexes, night vision, heat vision, and limited force.
  • Armor: Neck armor, and a helmet.

Gopher dude 11

  • Name: Jack
  • Weapons: 2 Blaster Pistols(like Han Solo) Blue Light Saber(Stole from a dark jedi)
  • Armor: Jet Pack
  • Clothing: Han's Get up with a jet pack
  • Personality: Hatful of the empire, dosen't like to talk about home plantet, tries to keep the mood lighten
  • Faction: Boutnty Hunter
  • Home: Alderaan
  • Race: Human with fake right hand
  • Powers: Untrained Force powers