It's that time of year again, and the star wars rumour list is out!!!!!!!!!!

Star wars

According to Bricktuts, this will be the new logo. (possibly to tie in with Attack of the Clones in 3d. Sets found at [1]

Yoda 2013

Also this.

Rumoured sets Confirmed sets

Planets Series Three:

  • Kamino with Astromech Droid and Jedi Starfighter
  • Coruscant with Clone Pilot and Republic Assault Striker
  • Asteroid with TIE Bomber and TIE Pilot

Regular sets:

Super Heroes

LEGO Super Heroes Rumor sets

The Tumbler camouflage version is confirmed with The Bat. the set from The Dark Knight Rises is confirmed.

The white version of Batman that we discovered at the San Diego Comic Con 2012 will be delivered in a set with the Batboat, Mr Freeze and Aquaman .

A set of likely inspired the animated series Ultimate Spider-Man containing Spider-Man , J. Jonah Jameson , Doctor Doom and Ultimate Beetle in a large aircraft, is also confirmed.

Another set containing Spider-Man Spider-Man, Venom and Nick Fury in a vehicle is also in the program. [2]

It is also widely believed that an Arkham Asylum is in the works

In simpler form:

  • The Tumbler + The Bat with TDKR figs
  • Batboat with Bats, Aquaman, and Freeze
  • Truck (about the size of 6867 Loki's Cosmic Cube Escape) with Spidey, Venom, and Fury.
  • Daily Bugle with Spidey, Nova, Dr. Doom, Beetle, and JJJ.

Special edition

  • Robin boat vs Penguin sub (probably like 7885)
  • Arkham asylum
  • Note: The only proof for this is an wiki contributor in the comments saying they have a friend who works for LEGO.
SH Sketch models

Super Heroes sketch models


The sets are:

Polar Xpress Galaxy Squad

In the past few months, this theme has been rumoured for a 2013 release. Thanks to Brickultra for providing this extra backup. Apparently the villains are insect-like creatures.


The follwing image is supposedly on the back of a future LEGO Club Magazine Source

Sets =


60006 Police Squad - push cart with stolen jewels - Police Officer and Bandit minifigs

60007 Police Chase - Police motorbike, Red sports car, Police Humvee with a road block including a spiked chain - 2 x Polica Officer and Robber

60008 Museum Break-In - Fairly detailed Museum building, Robber’s van, Police van and a Police helicopter - 3 x Police Officers with bulletproof vests (printed), helicopter pilot and 2 x Robbers

Tow Truck - Oranged coloured tow truck with platform, small dark red car - Tow Truck Driver and Woman with pink scarf

Fuel Tanker - Octan looking fuel tanker with small gas pump - 1 x Octan employee

Cement Mixer Truck - Yellow and white cement mixer truck with push cart (wheelbarrow) - 2 x Construction Workers

Source: [3]

Confirmed new themes

Legends of Chima

Source [4]. It appears to be (according to preliminary artwork, will be ninjago's replacement theme with human-like animals with propellers.


Rumoured themes

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [5]

Rumor Sets [6]

  • Baxter's Revenge
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Also, 4 keychains of the protagonists should be released.


Apparently no more spinners [7], and the Gold ninja will rise, (Whatever happened to Lloyd? with Gold Dragon. Also, Lord Garmadon might evolve into Garmatron and have a new hat.

Rumour Sets

  • 70500 Kai's Fire Robot
  • 70501 Samurai Bike
  • 70502 Cole's Power-Drill
  • 70503 Golden Dragon
  • 70504 Garmatron
  • 70505 Temple of Light


The guy who leaked infomation referenced some sort of cinema.


  • 41001 Mia's Magic Show
  • 41002 Emma's Karate Course
  • 41003 "Olivia's Foal"
  • 41004 "Stephanie's Grand Entrance"
  • 41007 Heartlake Pet Salon
  • 41008 "Large swimming pool"
  • 41011 Football Training with
  • Stephanie Collectibles Series 1 -bags contain 1 cute animals, and his home-single action item! - From 5 years

Hero Factory

  • 44000 Furno XL
  • 44001 Pyrov
  • 44002 Rocka
  • 44003 Scarox
  • 44004 Bulk
  • 44005 Bruizer
  • 44006 Breez
  • 44007 Ogrum

The Lone Ranger


Bricks and More

  • 31000 Mini Racing car
  • 31001 Mini Jet
  • 31002 Racing car
  • 31003 Red helicopter
  • 31004 Eagle
  • 31005 Saddle tractor
  • 31006 Sports car
  • 31007 Power Robot
  • 31008 Power Jet
  • 31009 Country Home