KON and I have created the future of BIONICLE. Make them real at [1].

9968 Malum



9965 Shenra


by KON

9967 Kabrua

Vorox King by LSHF

9966 Toa Jasok

Toajasok by KON

9964 Toa Orde

Toaorde by KON

9969 Toa Kopaka

Toakopaka by Kon

9972 Dezalk

Dezalk by KON

9973 Xeran

Xeran by KON

9971 Metus

Metus by KON

9970 Perlan

Perlan byKon

9974 Nireta

Nireta by KON

9975 Ziraklix


9962 Marendar

Marendar by KON

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