You may or may not have seen it, but I'll post it here.

LEGO® Ninjago The Beginning to 2014-002:14

LEGO® Ninjago The Beginning to 2014-0

We see a review of the story so far, but at 1:30, we see some new images. We first see some kind of tower that can be seen on the background at the box art. We then see someone (who I think could be Cyrus Borg) UPDATE I now think it actually may be Pixal creating some kind of giant robot (70726 Destroyers?). We then see some energy that may have something to do with The Overlord. (See my later hypothesis). Then we see what I think could be the most spoiler-ish part of it all: Strange eyes on Cyrus Borg's legs. I think this could be the Overlord taking Cyrus as his host (The set he comes in is called "OverBorg Attack." Plus, this may be a valid excuse for the Ninja destinies not to be over. We then see the Mech-Dragon Rising before Cyrus. We see Borg (still with the weird eyes on his robot legs.) wielding weapons in some kind of city building. We see several Nindroids standing on an assembly line. Another interesting thing I noticed: A Nindroid appears to reassemble himself. Can these Nindroids dis- and re- assemble themselves? Then they would be hard. We then see the Ninja, Nya, Sensei Wu (who is good at at this point) And Sensei Garmadon jump up. It appears that Misako, Dr. Julien, and Darreth won't be on he team; but you never know. Also, Zane is normal at this point. We then see the Ninja huddled around, and Cole says "Anyone else feelin' all tingly inside."

What do you think?

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