Hello! I'm starting an editing army (sorry CP). Here are the ranks.

  • Batman (300 points or being founder)=Legosuperheroesfan,Greenlantern4,Darth Henry, Crazed Penguin
  • Nightwing (250 points)= (empty)
  • Robin (200 points)= Acoustic7
  • Commissioner Gordon (150 points)= (empty)
  • Lucius Fox (100 points)= (empty)
  • Police officer (50 points)=(empty)
  • Random Citizen (0 points)=(empty)

Every edit is 1 point, every picture is 10 points, brickifying an article is 20 points, creating a (good) article is 30 points, building up an article is 50, and a lucky edit multiplies your score by 5.

Reward: anyone who gets to Batman rank by December 15 gets a barnstar. To join,just comment and whenever you edit a page give the link in a comment. Please note: edits before reading this DO NOT count. Good luck!

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