I am hosting an Avengers contest from now to 4/1 (the day the Marvel sets come out). Build whatever you want, figure or vehicle or scene.


  • You May use LDD.
  • All entries must include at least one of the avengers, Nick Fury, or Loki
  • One entry per user
  • You must have an account
  • You must not use knockoff LEGO



Cosmic Cube
Cosmic Cube (1st place)
Legosuperheroesfanhas given you the cosmic cube. It is very rare, so don't lose it!


Quinjet (2nd place)
Legosuperheroesfan has given you your own quinjet. It's awesome!


6867 alt3
Sheild Pickup truck (3rd)
Legosuperheroesfan has given you a sheild pickup truck! Don't crash it!

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