Sorry about the lame title. Anyway, most of the DC sets leaked today, and I wanted to share my thoughts. I will update this blog throughout the year on other leaks.

The One from Batman Returns

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This is a neat little set, like that one Indiana Jones motorcycle chase set.
I think I'll get this, because I liked the movie, and the new Penguin looks pretty cool. 4/5 stars

The Semi-cool one

As these Super Heroes resigns go, this one was okay, but I expected more. Not a huge fan of the New 52, but Nightwing's on of my fav Bat-family people, so I'll buy. Disappointing but still will get Man-bat.
. I wanted some other version of Batman. Hate the yellow on batcopter. 3/5 stars (because of the yellow).

The Cross from Beware the Batman and Batman: The Brave an the bold

This looks like they took the dark and cooler-than-the-SDCC-pics-made-it-look Batmobile from BTB mixed in with the campy alternate suits and vehicles from Brave an the Bold. Aside from the Dragster, I'm actually quite impressed with the turnout (and we get Flash)! And a gold crowbar! 4/5.

The held-so-much-in-secrecy Steam Roller!

After a long wait, here it is. Well, I don't think it's that bad. Not as bad as I feared. Again, ditch the yellow highlights. However, the Batplane (Right?) is pretty good despite that. However, for some reason, I love that steam roller. (At least better than I thought I would).
I love that they brought back the original Joker gun, and, is that Damian Wayne? Looks pretty good. Batgirl is great two. The henchman isn't that bad either. However, I was hoping for Green Lantern, Clayface, Hatter, or Croc. In fact I would have even wanted a better Two-face or, even Killer Moth. Because of the lack of villains, Yellow highlights, and lack of new Batman, weighed with the good stuff, I give this a 4/5.

Little Batcave Junior

Okay, there's no other sarcasm here, I actually really like this one. I was disappointed by the 2012 Batcave because it was really Basic. I think this, (though also basic) is a great little ad-on I can can use to store my Batcylcles or small Boats. Together they should look great
I really wanted a platform with the logo on it to put the Bat-armory. I think I'll use the prison for a place to store a favorite Batsuit (or maybe the Late Jason Todd's costume (custom))I got the old Penguin sub from 2008, so I have a classic Robin, but I like the new one. My only the complaint is the lack of Alfred. 4.5/5

The Amazing Spider-car!!!!111!!11! YEAH!!!111=

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I find nothing positive about this set. Don't get me started on fake vehicles. The only pro is the variation of spider-man, and, with a price like that I'll probably get it. 2/5

To be continued with more leaks...

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