See the press release: [1]

"We have learned that with the recent launch of the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sets, that Spider-Man's many vehicles have sold better than any other Super Heroes products in LEGO History."

"Everyone knows that Spider-Man depends on his vehicles to fight crime," said Jill Wilfert, vice president licensing & entertainment at The LEGO Group. So, in the Marvel lime we will now focus on creating new and amazing vehicles for Spider-man.

"To kick off this exciting new era, we plan to release and Ultimate Collector's series model of Spider-Man's most iconic vehicle, the Spider-Trike! This model will incorporate new building techniques and the new spring-loaded shooters."

"We're sure our fans will love to collect this amazing model of this icon from the Super Heroes universe," says Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, the LEGO group CEO. "After all, everyone would much rather put Spider-man on a vehicle to face a villain! And since the Spider-Trike is so popular, we though we would make this amazing 4,332 piece model.

The Ultimate Collector's series Spider-Trike will retail for $399.99, and will be released this summer. You can pre-order it here:'s-Series-Spider-Trike-10187?fromListing=listing

So what do you think, will you buy this? Of course you will! No fan can resist something like this.

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