Hi. I'm GeneralGreivous416, a new user. I decided to post this because i needed help with some LEGO pieces and opinions so I could work up to my 140-minute LEGO Revenge of the Sith re-enactment.

I'm currently working on buying some new pieces for a brand new Clone Turbo Tank. I currently intend to buy this one: (All credit and copyright goes to Artifexcreation)

But i'd have to wait till' Christmas Season to get that type of money ( I dont do to well on eBay). So therefore, my dad suggested we buy another 8098 (I used the large long bricks to build a clone fortress out of a baseplate and long yellow, black, and gray bricks with technic holes). So, i then decided that we should look deeper into the mechanics, buy the set, and study the Star Wars vehicle canon. Along the way, i decided to pick up my original idea for a feature-length LEGO film. __________________________________________________________________________________

P.S. What minifigs do you think I should chose for roles?

Turbo tank driver: Kashyyyk troopers, 7259 pilot, 8088 pilot, or 10195 pilot?

Troops- CW troopers or EP III regular white troops

Jedi- CW-era Jedi or things to tune in with Revenge of the Sith? __________________________________________________________________________________

--GeneralGreivous416 01:57, September 9, 2011 (UTC)

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