I'm Pretty sure that most (If not everyone) Has Most of their LEGO sets from one theme and only a few sets from others. For Example I have about 16 city sets, 3 Star Wars Sets ( of which 2 of them are battle packs), 1 Harry Potter Set, 1 Space Police Set, and 1 Board Game. (Magikus) I got my 1st City Set thinking of "Building" a civilisation in my bedroom. But while getting more City, I also got sets from other themes that I thought I might like. (Famous Last Words: The LEGO Spider in this Harry Potter Set doesn't look very scary...) So I fitted The other things into my city. Now I have Aliens Plotting against the City, And a crack S.A.S. Team protecting the city From those big blasters and mighty light sabres. So I want to know what other peoples collections are like, and what they do with their LEGO.

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