This isn't really much of a blog post, I'm mainly doing it for the badge. I might as well say some stuff too. I'm a Lego Universe Beta tester! I have been for around 4 months. Let me tell you-- Lego Universe rocks! I actually don't play as often during the test sessions though because of the character wipes. If you don't know what I'm talking about, a character wipe is when the entire character database of LU is erased, usually for a new system that the old minifigures would not be compatible with. There have been quite a few wipes so far, and I hate doing things over again. So, on the fourth or fifth wipe I just pretty much stopped playing. That doesn't mean Lego Universe isn't awesome. Far from it! Although it still has plenty of bugs and gameplay issues to work out, it's pretty great.

You know what I always love in a game? Achievements. Any game, I will be obsessed with getting every single achievement. Of course, some would be very very hard to do. Such as: Defeat 1000000 badguys! I mean, it would be possible, but it would take hours and hours of farming enemies and such. Maybe if there was a really easy way to do it... Possibly you could have a lot of weak enemies swarm you, then you use a special AoE (Area of Effect) attack or skill that allows you to hit multiple enemies at once. Keep doing that, and I suppose you could be done faster than just killing them while going through the game. And then there are achievements in certain games that are just outrageous. Defeat 5000 super huge giant dragon bosses!! That would be absolutely insane. Impossible.

Another thing I greatly enjoy in a game: Collecting items. That has to be my all time favorite thing to do. If all games had infinite bank space, I would go crazy for it. Crazy happy! I quit Runescape after I lost my membership and had limited bank space. And pretty much only because of limited bank space. Yeah. I don't care if it's worth one gold, I want to collect it. Every drop I got from an enemy I would keep. I always hate limited bag space... But as long as there is a bank, I am okay.

So, I can't really think of anything to talk about so I'm just going to stop here. Well bye people!

~~ Lukeaaa1 ~ 19:13, July 28, 2010 (UTC)

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