My contest is to build a LEGO house.


1. Must be suited up to 6 LEGO Minifigures

2. Can have up to 5 stories

3. Can be brick built or LDD

4. Have 2 doors

5. Can not be 1 room

6. Can have as many pieces as you like

7. Can have Minifigures in picture

8. Only one entry per user

9. Give a brief description on the entry, title, etc

10. Can make the entry ridiculously big

11. Have fun!


1. Golden Mandrake Medal on your profile

2. Silver Mandrake Medal on your profile

3. Bronze Mandrake Medal on your profile



Judging will be done on 10th February. Contest will close on 9th Febuary.(Entries after that date will not be judged!)

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