So, hey guyes! It has been a while since I talked about my brickfilms! Ok, so here's the deal:

  • User:Mackmoron11's minifigure will appear in the brickfilm I am currently working on first, "The Karate Kill"
  • BobaFett2's "Death Stalkers" will appear in the Crystal Jedi series.
  • Right now, four brickfilms are on hold, including one we all heard about, "Mario gets Screwed".
  • LEGO Universe is yet of to be desided. If I decide to make it, it would be about LEGO theme's main villian creating a portal to different universes. Spongebob and crew are planed, because Spongebob is turned into an Adult Clone Trooper.

That's all for now. Thanks!

Quick Update

Also, a music video for the song, I am..All of Me is in progess. It stars Brick Daddy as the main character. Thanks, again!

Update 7-24-10 With the upcoming brickfilm music video, I have started another Space Police III story saga that explans what happens before and between the music video storyline. It is called The Brickfather Saga on LEGO Stories wiki.

Update 9-26-10 I am so sorry for the delay. My camera is having troublestaying still even on a stand. I promise you I am shooting!


A preview at Wall*Mart.

I have a short brickfilm in mind right now. It is to be called Wall*Mart. Can anyone guess what the pun is?

That's all for Now. Thanks!

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