Now that I have my new account open and ready to go, I have decided to make a series of brickfilms! It will be called Star War Expanded Universe: The Guardian Jedis. Here is what is about:

Ten years after the destruction of the second Death Star, the last Sith named Darth Chad has created a band of evil warriors, like the gangster and another alien called The Red Eyes. Then, Boba Fett joins the group and bombs Coruscant (or known as Yeter-B after the re-discovery of the planet). This causes another war, but also injures Luke Skywalker badly. His distant cousin, Josh Skywalker, joins the 2nd Republic in order to stop the Alliance (Darth Chad's band). Soon, after a look at his medical records, he is upgranded to the Golden Crystal Rebels, a top rank of 2nd Republic for those "special" jedi. The Golden Crystal Rebels are Jedi that were born with one of the 4 Guardian crystals. These crystals, with 5 others that are protected by the Rock Protectors, once formed the Golden Crystal, the most powerful crystal that could destroy any evil. The other members are Frank Hochi, a great Jedi with the Leadership crystal, and Shane Eclipse, with his Heart Crystal. Josh's is the Braveness crystal. The G.C.R.s are assigned one mission: to find the other crystals, end the war, and bring peace to the Universe. But, the Alliance will do anything for the crystals... And, the fourth G.C.R., who was never known about, is about to take his crystal back...

Updation 4-19-10

The series is on the green light as the first episode shall be uploaded late May. There is some differences from above. For example, Red Eyes and (I very hope not)Frank. But, Luke shall become a main character. Chewbacca and R2-D2 will also appear. But, a senator will join the cast. He will be called Senator Wilson.

Warning: Spoiler to follow. Highlight to view content.

Boba Fett will die in the first episode, but his son, Mono Fett shall take his place. Luke is planned to be a G.C.R. just incase I don't use Frank. And finally, the Rock Protectors are proparing for war against the 2nd Republic... Can they find all of the crystals in time and stop both wars?

Updation 4-26-10

I have taken some pictures Mono Fett and his ship, the Slave III.

Updation 5-9-10

The first episode has moved back till ardound the middle of June. Also, alot of new characters, like Darth Blade, the secret apprentice of Darth Chad. Also, Frank will appear, which I am glad about. Here are some episode names:

  • Chapter 1: Secret Member
  • Chapter 2: Discovery
  • Chapter 3: Space Battle
  • Chapter 4: Naboo Ambuish
Updation 10-26-10

Ok, since I have last updated, there has been MAJOR Changes.

  • No Red Eyes
  • No Senator Willson
  • A different Slave III
  • Huge difference in Plot (You will find out more)
  • 10 episodes
  • A trailer released soon.
  • A HUGE Plot Twist

And that covers evrything new.

New Plot:

  • Ten years since the destruction of the Death Star II, things had become more peaceful. A second Republic soon formed, and focused on Jedi training and studying the force. Rumors started speading about a mystical Cystal named The Golden Crystal. It was said that it was the heart and soul of the force, and 9 beings every lifetime held each a key to creating the Golden Crystal. Because of this, forces started rising. One, in perticular, was the Alliance, led by the last Sith, Darth Chad and his apprentice. War soon broke out. But, the research of the force discovered that the rumors had been true. What they discovered next was that all the members of the Jedi Concil, Luke Skywalker, Josh, Frank, and Shane were all weilders of 4 out of the 9 crystals that were needed for the Golden Crystal. Now, the search is on for the remaining "guardians," while one already is prepairing to show and prove himself as one...

That's all for now.

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