For X-Mas, the most expensive thing I got was new stopmotion stuff from my parents! I got a new camera, a stand, a 36 gb storage card, and a little button that'll take the pictures. By using it and my old IKit movie stuff I barley ever used, I will be creating stopmotions. I will use this blog to post what I make on it. I'll be making a Spider-Man and Friends series, with action of Marvel comic heroes (and some new ones I made), along with a possible Ninja Turtles one. Along the way, I'll make some funny ones here and there, just for fun!

This is probably where they'll be.->

For the second part of my new news(hee hee) I've recently got a Flikr acount with the name of NovacoreDeadpool157. I'll be adding pics of characters I make in real life on there, but if you look now, you won't find anything because I just started.

For my third, and last, part of my updates is me and my little brother **** (Sorry, I can't trust anyone with names) are making a giant moc of Gotham City. I know you guys expect 'Marvel' out of 'Marvellover' but my brother wanted us to do Batman now I've made him two shelves of customs.:P I'm hoping it will be done Summer 2016, but I might finish the giant thing before then.

Anyway, I hope you guys like all these updates I'm having!

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