Hey again and I want to know your ideas for 2012 Alien Conquest, I beleive it may go to Area 51 or to outer space. We all know Alien Conquest probably wont last very long due to LEGO being a big meay pants aNand cant come up with any ideas at all. Here are my ideas. Car Explosion set where Alien Commander and ADU Scientist battle out with the all the alien vehicles and ADU With One truck, Thus ending the worldand aliens taking over. Or a battle on a Planes wing Minifigs: 7x Alien Troopers 2xAlien Pilot 1x Alien Commander 2x Alien Cyborg pirate and 6 DIFFERENT ADU Troopers with new members and colours also 3 Clingers and 5x Alien Adu pods for capturing them.

Thanks, Add your ideas below and Minifig ideas too, I have links with the LEGO Company......YOU NEVER SAW ANYTHING -- MasterKcaj Avatar MasterKcaj (Talk ) 00:23, July 31, 2011 (UTC)

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