side ways

so, now that we have establashed 2012, I would like to take a moment, just sit rig--wait,wait, so in the next year we will be getting mini figures that are unique.

First in 9516 Jabba's Palace there will be a Jabba the hut, the last Jabba' palace was in 2003. A and there was a skiff with one a few years ago6210 Jabba's Sail Barge
250px-Jabba the Hutt

the 2003 one

. so befor i get to excited i think for my blogs Ill be posting Revies on eather randon new sets of just starwars.

the redesign of Greivious: so, General here had a 2010 re-design, the printing on the box shows him holding lightsabers upright. However, IN the box the mold is different and insted the outside sabers are held side ways.


in set 9496 Skiff In this set there is a Boba fett. he is not new i think it is the same redesign, but you still bet a Boba Fett in a cheaper set, and a Luke.

===2011=== so ill also go over a few mini figures that cought my eye.
This figure has a peg-leg,robotic arm, clear head and brain .... and it is in a 90$ set. ;( Monkey, there was a lego game with this monkey in it. now, in like late 90's in pirate sets. what is cool about this monkey is that the legs and arms are the same mold as a normal mini figure. The hands and feet to, so you can make it hold stuff.


Any one else can suggest figs that are speacial some how, most L
Not bad


ego 2012 stuff is not out yet

--THE FUTURE DEPENDS ON IT~ 17:27, January 14, 2012 (UTC)MASTER SPECTRA :)

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