a newbie BIGGINING

hello evryone i am December 28, 2011 )MASTERSPECTRA--THE FUTURE DEPENDS ON IT~ December 28, 2011 i just joined Brickipeda and I love it. aside my love for legos is my awsome-ness for the art of building ill post a little some-tin.

in the lego Friends series thene are tools in this set that were used in the 7251 set.

so yeah, NOW , I made sure ,and what i tried to to say is that the 6 tools used a drill, oil can , skrew driver , hammer , two renshes. were only in two distant sets. a starwars set and friends. so in duh Friends set it has those six but in purple. there grey in the 7251 Darth Vader Transformation so this droid, ( witch looks pretty cool in my opnion ) , has these tools. and there in the friends set. now these parts were only sold twice . GREG and PURPLE, if anyone has proof than ill update this, and say im rong. BUT, FOR NOW, we dont know~ but

now im not sure im right, there are MANY tools that look SIMLUARR but aren't there are millions of copies of lego stuff though, if not friends still was the only purple ANYTHING

in FX-9 there grey

Snapshot 20120112

these ones are BLACK and i got then from eBey.... where do these belong?

another thing is: i think like in 7251 Darth Vader Transformation is a cool set, notice that now a days a darth vader is in like a 400$ set. It had a darth vader and skywalker. and a cool droid. i mean, there is a harry potter set with Lord voldemort i did get a darth vader for 15$ witha watch, and it was the redesign of vader. the old design is still out there. i even made a costom vadertrandformation using a site with indtructions. --THE FUTURE DEPENDS ON IT~ 02:46, January 13, 2012 (UTC)

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