Hard work pais off

hard work paid off



===ok imma gonna get stated===

do you have a local Lego store? Do you go there alot? Alot?, And last but not least are you a VIP in LEGO Stores? if so be awair that with VIP points you get about 5$ evry 100 points. just ask a worker there and they will asist you. (no matter what age you are) (its ridiculous). you just pity the young ones who havent discoverd Brickipeda. And if you know all this stuff use that power for any small sets of for the Pick a brick wall. Its like valhallen.

Pick a brick

now you may be thinking, who carezz about lego bricks and the anwser to that would be EVRYONE LEGO bricks are the main foundation of legos. there are NO set without classic bricks. and the brick slection has trippled. with so many other bricks with printing,ridges,slopes. if you notice all master builders use Bricks for satues. the Pick a brick is a way for YOU to do it your self. they have givin up on us, YOU DO IT just kiddin.

===another way==== 

As a nother way to get the bricks you need almost any where there buckets of legos under your nose. where?um, eh?? there are lego buckets with up to over 700 lego bricks for up to 30$ dallers. not thats pretty good considering the fact that some Star Wars AND Star Wars: The Clone Wars sets are the complete oppisite.

===the good's === befor you want/need alot of bricks what will you do? take something apart GOSH NO!!"" Will you take a lego class ? hmmmmm or lust But a bucket!!! There is LDD but it takes too long. boreinnng" if I were you i'de fing out what I would be building FIRST and then see how much of it you need and when you building make sure what ever it is that is is sterdy. i cannot count how many i USED to drop a MOC and it smached into a billian peices and i yell out NOOOOOO! WHYYY, WHY HI HIII And then people stare. dont keep anything completely hollow of this will happen to you. MAKT IT A SOLID figure, that is sterdy. [intil naet week]

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