As you mabe aware there are Armies around. Agent Trace need back up so I shall provide Jedi wizzards clone troopers and more. Sign up now. Note More jedi will become avaiable if you wait.


Yoda: me, Master Bob Obi wan Kenobi: Anikan Skywalker: Askoka Tana: Plo Koon: Mace Windu: Luke Skywalker:

Clone troopers

Captain Rex: Commander Cody: Commander Fox: Piolt(5): Clone trooper (20):


Han Solo: Princess Leia: Chewbacca Lando Calriisan: Vangaurd(5): Commando(2):


Harry Potter: Albus Dumbledore: Ron Weasly: Hermonie Granger: Nevile Longbottom:

Indy crew

Indiana Jones: Shoyrt round: Marion: Mutt Williams:

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