aka Master of Bricks

  • I live in America
  • I was born on February 19
  • My occupation is lego collector
  • I am male
  • MasterofBricks28

    My very first contest! I'm so excited!!!! Now,My Contest's theme is Pirates of the Caribbean. It can be a set OR a minifigure

    If You are,or want to be a judge,post your name. LIMIT:5 judges

    Myself of course,MasterofBricks28

    (btw,I hope Mr. Brick and Clone gunner commander jedi become a judge)

    1.You can use Minifigures IN A CUSTOM SET that have already been released. 2.You can make your set any size you want. 3.Your Set and/or Minifigure can be from any of the movies. 4.Your Set and/or Minifigure MUST HAVE A PICTURE!!!

    1.You can't copy other users. 2.You can't make a custom set that has already been released.

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