MAX: Lord Garmadon –


MAX: Um, okay, L.G. ... why did you build the Garmatron?

L.G.: Well, look at it – who wouldn’t want something like that? Wouldn’t you like a Max-atron? There’s nothing like a big, tracked vehicle to make people get out of your way.

MAX: Do people comment on it a lot?

L.G.: Comment? General Kozu keeps trying to steal it!

MAX: What are some of the things that make the Garmatron special?

L.G.: Hey, it has its own built-in prison. Do any of the ninja vehicles have that? No. That’s because they’re not practical. You never know when you might be driving along and suddenly need to imprison your enemies.

MAX: Have you run into any big problems with the Garmatron?

L.G.: Well, I lost the keys once. That was embarrassing.

MAX: Okay, let’s talk about Lloyd and the golden mech.

L.G.: Sure. He drives it okay, but he didn’t build it, you know. I built mine. He found his.

MAX: But it is really awesome. I mean, it has that golden sword and –

L.G.: The Garmatron has a missile. Did I mention that?

MAX: Um, no, but …

L.G.: Ever try to stop a missile with a sword?

MAX: Not lately, no.

L.G.: I need to go. Kozu is sitting in the driver’s seat again, making “vroom” noises.

MAX: Well, thank you, Lord Garmadon, for your time. Whoops, the Garmatron is pulling away … Garmadon is chasing it … looks like it’s going to be an exciting afternoon, folks!

Who should i intevriew next?

UPDATE: Next Interview: Laval Mallock.

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