• MilesRS777

    Frick Squad sign ups

    August 15, 2016 by MilesRS777

    Here is all I have so far:

    • GT-Shot
    • Spy Lizard
    • Mariposa Quinn
    • S10Knot
    • Captain Futurist
    • Spacey Olimar
    • A.T. Night
    • Mr. Quest
    • Killer Unboxer
    • Vesp Erlight
    • Trigger Happy
    • Ash Pokemaster

    anyone else?

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  • MilesRS777

    I will make a series of Lego movies/Chat Shows known as the LMMCU here are all the films/Chat Shows

    • The Custom Club (September 16th, 2016)
    • LEGO Jaws (June 15th 2017)
    • GameTime the Movie (November 10th, 2017)
    • The LEGO World of Gaming (July 8th 2018)
    • Agent Brick (Febuary 15th 2019)
    • The Lego Star Wars Movie (November 30th 2020)
    • The Lego Harry Potter Movie (September 27th, 2021)
    • LEGO Jaws 2: The New Shark (October 31st, 2022)
    • The LEGO Inventor (August 10th, 2023)
    • The Billion Brick Race 2 (December 4th, 2024)

    • The Amazing Life of Vesp and GameTime (PREMIERE:AUGUST 15. LIVE ON CHAT)
    • The Frick Squad (PREMIERE: AUGUST 18TH. LIVE ON CHAT)
    • Brickipedia High Sch…

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  • MilesRS777

    Brick Files Update

    August 12, 2016 by MilesRS777

    Hiya guys, Huge update The Brick Files is ending next month, and the last episode will have lots of you guys in it.

    So if you wanna be in the last ep, I will sign ya up

    • Game Time the Speedy Dog
    • Split Second
    • Trigger Happy the Gremlin
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  • MilesRS777

    I've been thinking..

    August 8, 2016 by MilesRS777

    HI guys, If you have known me and Benny have been unblocked (Yay!) But ever since we went mad with GIF Wiki comments, And realizing that I was blocked, I've been thinking that I MIGHT quit Brickipedia, That might also mean ditching my customs and postponing my soon-to-be-made movie. Well, If I EVER choose to leave LEGO Wiki, I'm sending the job of keeping hold of my customs to TheTruePokemonMaster (THank you) and I'd like to credit these ppl:

    User:MLG Neo-Futurist - The man who inspired me to join Brickipedia, Thanks man

    User:Xsizter - Someone who inspired me to make customs

    User:LEGOBennyBrick3 - or previously known as User:LEGOBennyTheBrick3 A really good friend

    User:ToaMatau2004 - If your looking for a person who likes Star Wars. It's this …

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  • MilesRS777

    very first custom

    September 19, 2015 by MilesRS777

    hi guys just so you know I made a new custom called LEGO dimensions 2:master Vortechs revenge I will need lots of help with creating this custom

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