So, if you read my blog yesterday about Comic-Con, well I'm giving you more information! I'm CheetahBricks and I would be giving you my latest details, thanks to some users, we got more close-ups of the 2015 LEGO Movie set, which would be called "70817 Batman and Super Angry Kitty Attack".

LEGO Movie

We got a close up on the set's main focus, the ordinary Micro-Manager. Just an ordinary Micro-Manager, but we also get a really angry kitty. I'm assuming this set will take place when Uni-Kitty is gobbling the Micro Managers. What I like is the new Batman and his grappling hook. I liked that build in the film.

Unknown Theme for 2015

I have no pictures but I heard rumors that Bionicle will make a return in 2015, but I also heard the Pirates theme is coming back in the same year also, however, those are all rumors (With the exception of at least one set in Pirates theme). So that is unknown. I'm also wondering if they are going to keep making The Simpsons sets.

That is it for today and I will be giving you more info tomorrow. Take care.

--CheetahBricks (talk) 11:03, July 25, 2014 (UTC)CheetahBricks

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